Achievement unlocked

Screenshot 2016-02-15 at 01.26.27

    Last week I happily announced that I got a new partner in Spinnaker Nordic. Simon Elkjær – one of the ‘grand old men’ in the danish e-commerce business despite his young age. Simon will be joining me as director and partner and will be running the daily operations of the Esbjerg office which we […]

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Brand Legacy

Brand Legacy, Simon Paag

Even though I work a lot with performance marketing, I always like to talk about my clients about their brand, and the discussion about Brand Legacy comes up. Today, I use the term ‘Brand Legacy’ in my attribution reporting and analysis as a separate channel that signs off a part of the traffic that has […]

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Facebook launches Instragram ads on instragram

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 08.30.52 And finally – you can advertise on Instragram. For some time you have been able to add Instagram in your facebook business manager, which pointed at the obvious conclusion that soon – you would be able to advertise on the platform that were previously reserved for users and brands exposing images in exchange for organic […]

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Norbreeze Group made it to the news


My client Norbreeze Group made it to the news on danish news site The article is about how Norbreeze through their online shopping platform will provide Sourtheast Asia with an e-commerce platform with affodable luxory products. I am proud to have been a part of forming their online presence.

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Google’s new logo

Google's New Logo

So, Google got a new logo! The main reason, is according to their blog post (link below), to give a more seamless understanding of the brand and the offerings Google provide. Basically, the story is that they started out the company out working on products that were meant for use via a Desktop PC but […]

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