Curriculum Vitae

Below you will be able to find a list of career achievements, and information on educational as well as professional work. Feel free to write and email if you have any further questions or clarifications in regards to the below.


Having learnt how to sail as a child, I have always loved sailing and boats. Coming from a family of four with everyone of us practising competitive sailing this sport has become my passoion and a very big part of my life. I have decided to combine my work- and private life by creating marketing solutions for sailing brands and the maritime industry.

  • J/70, fleetrace training races in Denmark
  • CB66, Danish, Swedish and Nordic Masters
  • X55, Kings Cup Regatta
  • J/24, World Championships, Howth Ireland
  • X79, Danish Masters
  • Hallberg Rassy 45, Delivery Sydney to Phuket

    Professional Career

    In my career I have always had a very entrepaneural mindset. After having starting up my first company up as a 19-year old, attempting to achieve independance throughout three different companies I learned to establish a profitable business with my consultancy Spinnaker Nordic which has a yearly turnover of just below one million USD.

  • Spinnaker Nordic, General Manager & Founder
  •, COO
  • Google Ltd., Account Manager LCS Nordics
  • A/S, Account Manager
  • Admiral IT Ltd., Acting General Manager
  • Embassy of Denmark Bangladesh, Trainee

    Coursework & Training

    I have througout my life always strived to learn and become better, which as led me to a number of certifications next to my studies as Copenhagen Business School. At CBS I participated in volunteer work in regards to tutoring new students, as well as assisting the international exchange programme with trainings and orgnisation.

  • SRC Certificate, Søfartsstyrelsen/Danish Maritime Authority
  • Various Google Advertising Certifications
  • PhD Course; Quantitative Data Analysis and Applied Stastics, Copenhagen Business School
  • Trainer course, Dansk Idræts Forening
  • BA.Ling.Merc, Copenhagen Business School
  • Cambridge Business English Certificate, EF Sydney
  • Sweing Machine License, Nivå Centralskole