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    Here you can read about the solutions from about marketing and targeting of users within the maritime industry with advertising using digital and online media.

  • Press
    Download press material, images and video from directly from the website for use for promotional or press purposes.

  • CV
    Read Simon Paag's resume on - including sailing CV as well as his professional resume. Also you can read more about Simon's career on LinkedIn in the footer of the same page.

  • Sailing Marketing
    Sailing marketing involves using various channels to target the right audience group. On this page you can read more about the options and what sailing marketing is in the eyes of Simon Paag, professional marketing entrepaneur and sailor.

  • Perfect Boat
    The perfect boat is perfectly explained here. Many might say that there is no such thing a perfect boat - but this again for every individual ther might even be just that. This boat is the perfect one for it's owner. See more on the perfect boat here.

  • Sailors, the list
    This list of sailos is being developed over time. Have a look at the individual sailor, and feel free to write in your addition if you have any sailor that you wish added to the list. The silors are from around the world, and are listed in alphabetical order.