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Buksesnedkeren. En af de danske 'classics' på Øresund - designet til at sejle Sjælland Rundt om kap, efter sigende bare til at holde til ét ræs... Nu i dag tre årtier senere var den først rundt om Sjælland i forrige weekend. Jeg fangede lige dette billede på vejen ⛵💨💨 A post shared by Simonthechosenone (@simonthechosenone) on Jul 9, 2018 at 6:12am PDT

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The perfect boat

Throughout my life I have sence the teenage age, been researching the various listings of used boats to find - the perfect boat. Some might say that there is no such thing - which makes this boat that the perfect boat. Read the interview with this sailor, whom bought one of the most interesting race-cuising carbon yachts half burnt (!) to rebuild the interior and make it a truly unique yacht designed just his way.

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