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The perfect boat

I visited Mads Christensen, on his Boat - a Knierim 49. I have an interview coming - wait for it... 

The perfect boat might be a bold statement, and here comes the reason why I would call in the perfect boat. Mads bought the boat from another Danish sailor, whom had the boat for some years lying behing the Opera House in Copenhagen. I had seen the boat, and was amazed about the design - size, and basically everything about it that cold be seen from shore. I was wondering what it would look like down below, but forgot all about the boat when it one summer, I believe the summer of 2017, was gone. But then, when meeting Mads Christensen for a business meeting I found that the story of this carbon monohull was worth noting. The boat was still in Denmark, and Mads had a unique opportunity to rebuild the interior. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.