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The Sailing Camera Setup

record your sailing endavours you should note that the most expensive setup is not always the best setup. Depending on the type of boat, and the film you wish to produce, various setups could be reccomendable. GoPros and Snapchat Spectacles for video recording can be a great setup - that together can provide images from a static angle combined with the point of view that the spectacles provide. Check out some of the solutions we have used for footage.

The shopping list 

  • 2x GoPros
  • Snapchat Spectacles
  • Phone

    There are several things to consider when generating your shopping list for a sailing camera setup that suits your needs perfectly. Budget, durability, resistance to the tear of the elements is among the factors that will provide an indication on what is actually the best video-setup for sailing and boating.

  •  Sailing drone?

    What about the obligatory drone shot? -Well, I haven't personally had the experience of putting up a drone at sea, but my colleague Kasper had the pleasure.

    I once experienced two journalists covering a political event in Denmark by the name of 'Folkemødet'. We were sailing to Bornholm where the event was to take of the following day on Folkebåden - an oldschool steel built cargo boat chartered for the event, what were to host some panel discussions and what not. The two journalists pulled out a 10.000 Euro Drone out of a flightcase, and I remember looking at the case itselves thinking - 'this must be expensive gear'. The driver of the drone handled the controller while his colleague et the drone off on the lee side of the boat that had about three meters from the deck they were launching it from to the surface of the water. Everything went smooth, we were traveling by engine around 8-9 nots, and the wind was blowing around the same. The flight went well, and I was having a glass of rum as they smoothly landed the drone on the deck again.

    The second time they wanted to try flying it out from the windward side. The drone took off shortly, but made a steep dive, clashed in to the freeboard and dived in to the ocean. 10.000 Euro gone in a few seconds. Comment from the guy steering the drone was - well, we had to try. I believe he was right.